Lolë White Yoga


Yesterday I experienced something so magical. I volunteered at the Lolë White Yoga event in Montreal. I participated in the yoga session last year and thought that this year, it would be fun to help out and learn more about my community. It was a lot of work but it was all worth it. I met so many great people that shared the same passion as me! From all the other volunteers, yoga teachers to the participants, there was just such a great energy! As a volunteer, some of us were able to join in on the 90 minute yoga session. Since I had participated last year, I just wanted to sit back and watch as everyone entered their state of bliss. Let me tell you, it was one of the most incredible things I have ever experienced. I had seen pictures of thousands of people practicing yoga together, and I have been in groups of thousands of people practicing together, but it is such a different experience when watching from the side lines. It was beautiful. This event was for everyone. Whether it was your first time doing yoga or whether you’ve been doing it for years, they were all doing it together. That is what made it so beautiful and that is what I love most about the practice. It reminded me of this quote, “Yoga is like walking down a city street. We’re all going different places, but we’re doing it together.” Seeing all of those people together made me realize even more how much I want to teach and pass my knowledge onto others. I really can’t wait to get my training and who knows maybe one day I’ll be helping out at the Lolë White Yoga session as a teacher!

To read more about Lolë and their brand, visit their website and to learn more about the Lolë White Yoga tour visit

Living With IBS


I think most of us are so caught up in keeping busy, making a living and just not really listening to our bodies. Human beings are very complex, but at the same time so simple. If we just take a second and listen, our bodies will tell us exactly what we need. They tell us when we’re hungry, when we need sleep, when we’re in pain, when we’re happy, etc. Of course we already know all these things, but so many of us tend not to ignore the signs. I for one used to be one of those people. I was completely miserable and I didn’t even know it. (Everyone around me sure did though!). Our bodies can tell us in many different ways that we are distressed or that something is wrong. Most people just associate it with depression, but that is only one of the many ways our body tells us something is not quite right. I was one of those people. My body told me that something was wrong, but in a different way. When I was sixteen, I was diagnosed with IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome). If you look up the symptoms of IBS, you probably think, well that’s not so bad, I could live with that. Well let me tell you, it’s definitely not easy! And being diagnosed in my teens, dating wasn’t exactly a breeze! Everyone has different degrees of IBS and sometimes it varies. When I happen to be diagnosed, it was at one of those really bad points, but thankfully with the great doctors I had, things got better. I was doing pretty well with it for many years until about 10 months ago, it started to really act up again. Nowhere near where it was when I was first diagnosed, but was slowly starting to interfere with my life. I went to my gastroenterologist and was going to be put on a bunch of medication. I thought great, just what I need more meds to interfere with my body! I was not a happy camper, but then again by going to see him, what did I think he was going to do? Wave his magic wand and I would be all better! Of course not! Meds seemed to be the only way. Then I had a thought. I told him I wasn’t going to take the medication and that I wanted to try a different approach. At that point in my life, I had just started reading and researching about Ayurveda. I thought, why not give that a shot? It’s the more natural way to go isn’t it? That is what I decided to do and boy am I glad I did! I went to see an Ayurvedic Practitioner (and continue to see her). It’s incredible how my body has reacted and changed. Of course IBS is not curable, i’ll never be 100%, but i’ve never felt so good in my life! I’m the healthiest i’ve ever been and I can’t see myself going back. Ayurveda has not only helped with my IBS symptoms, but has changed the way I think about food. I used to have a huge sweet tooth. I would eat candy all the time and chocolate almost everyday. It’s amazing what your body craves once you change your diet. I don’t like to use the word diet, so i’m just going to call it a food plan. I can’t believe some of the things i’m eating and how much it is helping with my IBS. I didn’t just change my food plan I am also taking a few natural herbs to help with my symptoms and things seem to be going great. IBS can be a bit of an embarrassing thing to deal with and to talk about, but there are ways to manage and live with it. My suggestion would be to always try the most natural way first. Once again thanks for reading! Any questions or comments are much appreciated! 🙂

So What Can You Eat Then?


So what can you eat then? This is a sentence I hear quite often. Between being gluten intolerant, lactose intolerant, and living with IBS; eating out is definitely not as simple as it should be. Thankfully I have a true passion for cooking, so I eat most of my meals at home, but do find it quite difficult when occasionally going out for dinner or lunch with friends. I’ve become quite good at navigating my way through a restaurant menu and asking my waiter a ton of questions, so it is not as difficult as it once was! I know so many of you out there struggle with this as well. I would love to hear what you do to make going out a little more enjoyable.

Comments much appreciated 🙂

Future Me

Future Me

I recently stumbled upon this site called Future Me. The site is essentially you sending emails to yourself. But not just an email that you can read the next day, it’s sending emails to your future self. I actually think this concept is quite genius! There is no limit to how far in the future you can email yourself, so go for it!! 5 years, 10 years, 100 years, it’s all up to you! I think this tool is great for keeping track of your goals. I use this site quite frequently sending myself my goals that i’ll receive in 5 years and hopefully i’ll be closer to them if not already accomplished them. I know it sounds kind of silly sending an email to yourself in the future, but I really think it is a great tool. If you don’t want to use it for goals, I also think its a great way to release tension and get stuff off your chest. You just write an email to yourself in the future about whatever it is that’s bothering you, and you’ll receive it a few years later and probably just laugh about it. On a side note, what I usually do when something is on my mind and causing me to be awake all hours of the night; I write down whatever that issue is and then I burn the paper. It might sound a little crazy but I find that It really does help. Depending on what the issue is I sometimes find it difficult to burn what I just spent hours writing (by hand!) so that is when I use the Future Me tool. Go check out the site for yourselves! 🙂

First post! Introducing me

Let me start off by saying i’m a dreamer. I thought I should warn you before you continue to read my posts! I’ll talk a lot about goals I want to accomplish and visions that I have for my life. (And hopefully be posting about my success of some of those goals). I’ve always been one to have goals. And I think dreaming is a huge part of having goals. Sure, you might have completely audacious, unrealistic goals, but what’s the point of life if you can’t dream big and have a little fun! At the end of the day, if you tried your hardest to achieve a goal and it didn’t work out, I aways try and try again, until I achieve it. Of course sometimes it may be a little frustrating and can sometimes bring you a little down, but the point is you’re trying, and that’s all that really matters in the end. Ok enough about goals!!! (I can’t say I didn’t warn you! haha) Let me tell you a little bit about me.


I recently decided to go back to school in September 2012 after taking some time off. During my time off I worked as a full time nanny to three incredible children. I loved every second of it! I can’t wait to one day start my own family. I am still in school studying Interior Design. My plan was to stop working once I started school and just focus on school full time, but that’s not what happened. For those of you who have kids, or have ever taken care of them, they’re not something you can just walk away from! I felt so at home taking care of those kids and in a way I felt like their older sister. I couldn’t just leave! In the end, it all worked out, as life normally does! I am going to school full time and still working for the family part-time. Just a few more facts about me. I’m a yogi. I took my first yoga class when I was 17 and never looked back. I can truly say that the practice has changed my life. It’s so amazing how one little decision in your life (like randomly deciding to take a yoga class last minute at your gym) can completely transform your life. I am currently looking towards getting my 200 hour certification to become a yoga teacher within the next coming year. With yoga also comes health and nutrition. I have become so fascinated with everything I have learnt and continually learning about the body, how it works, and how what you put in your body really truly does effect how you function. With this came the discovery of Ayurveda. If you don’t know what Ayurveda is, I highly suggest that you research it, it’s amazing how it works. I also love to cook so this has come in very handy when trying to eat well. I’m constantly coming up with new recipes and snacks that I think are pretty awesome! Who knows maybe i’ll write a cookbook one day! (That’s another goal to add to the list) With all that said i’m also looking into getting my certification to be an Ayurvedic Practitioner and on top of that I just had an interview today for the role of an educator at Lululemon. (I’ll let you know how that turns out!) I guess you can say I like to keep busy haha. Hopefully you enjoyed reading my first post and continue to come back and visit my blog! 🙂