Dice & Briohny Magazine Cover

Dice & Briohny Magazine Cover

Look what I just found!! Relating to my last post. Here’s a magazine cover I did for school a while ago with Dice and Briohny on the cover! Advertisements


Bryce Yoga


A few years ago I discovered the amazing talent of Dice Iida-Klein and Briohny Smyth. They are both such incredible yogis and I began to follow their work. They’re from LA, but travel around the world teaching workshops and giving teacher trainings. (They also teach online classes at http://www.yogaglo.com and http://yoganonymous.com). I never imagined that they would ever come to Montreal, but they did! When I found out, I was so shocked that I went a little crazy. My friends thought I was nuts! The thing is I had seen pictures and videos of them practicing yoga, but I didn’t know how they would be as teachers. I soon found out that not only are they “good” at yoga, but they can teach! I know that sounds weird, but I truly believe that there are some people that are just meant to teach, whether it be yoga or something else. Dice and Briohny known as Bryce, definitely have the gift! It was the first time that I took a workshop and felt like I actually learnt something. I have incorporated what I learnt that weekend in my daily practice and it feels so good 🙂

Check them out at http://bryceyoga.com and follow them at http://instagram.com/bryceyoga

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