Lufa Farms

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 10.55.04 AMA while ago I went to visit Lufa Farms Headquarters in Montreal, Quebec. In 2011, Lufa Farms built the world’s first commercial rooftop greenhouse. They now have two rooftop locations in Montreal and are looking to build a third. It was really awesome to go visit the greenhouse and hear how everything works. First off, they don’t use soil to grow their fruits and vegetables. They use coconut fibre! Due to the fact that they don’t use soil, their products are not considered organic in Canada, because the mined nutrient salts used in hydroponics are nonrenewable. Secondly, they recirculate 100% of their water as well as use rain and storm water. Thirdly, instead of using pesticides to take care of pests, they use biological controls. This method works by having living organisms throughout the greenhouse. For example, they use ladybugs to control aphids that damage plants. Lufa Farms also saves energy, reduces fossil fuel consumption, and composts to prevent waste from ending up in landfills.

What I love about Lufa Farms, is that everything is fresh and local. You order all your fruits and vegetables online and they will pack it at 5:00am the same morning that you receive your basket. They do not deliver directly to your home, but there are hundreds of pick up points all over Montreal. I’m lucky enough to have the greenhouse 10 minutes away from my home, so I can pick it up there!

For more information about Lufa Farms visit their website:


Bladder Cancer


Last month I walked 5k to raise money and awareness for bladder cancer. Bladder Cancer Canada is a charitable non-profit corporation that raises funds for research and plans fundraising events across Canada. This year I attended the 5k walk in Montreal, Quebec. This was the second year that Montreal took part in this walk and I am so happy they did. As a Montrealer and bladder cancer survivor, I was really proud of my city for taking part in the fight to raise money and awareness for this disease. At the opening ceremony of the walk I learnt that bladder cancer is the 5th most killing cancer in Canada, but only 17th when it comes to fundraising. Lets try and change that!! As with all cancers early detection is so important and I am an example of just how important it is. Had I been diagnosed earlier, I wouldn’t have had to have my bladder completely removed. That may not be the case for everyone, but it is just an example of how crucial time can be when it comes to a diagnosis. If you have any symptoms, do not hesitate, go see your doctor. My hope is that the word will spread about bladder cancer, not just in Canada, but around the world and that we will one day find a cure! If you would like to help me on my journey or just raise awareness about bladder cancer, please join me my next walk or visit Bladder Cancer Canada to find a city that is hosting a fundraising event near you!  I’m always open for questions should you have any 🙂

To donate or learn more about Bladder Cancer Canada and how to help raise awareness, visit this website: